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About Us


SOLO was founded with the mission to embrace your style both on and off the course. As individuals we have our own unique styles in life, and for some reason that gets left behind when it comes to golf. Of course there are rules to be followed and respect to be had but that doesn’t mean leaving your style and individuality in the parking lot. At SOLO we have our own style and aesthetic and create menswear in line with that. We like to believe we do our part in breaking down some of the barriers the game has created for itself. Whether you're wearing our pieces or your own, we want to show others that what you uniquely wear each and everyday has a big place on the golf course and to embrace that.

We started designing the brand a little over three years ago. We had been yearning for something creative in life to sink our teeth into for a long time (lots more to that story). I have been a golfer my whole life and having been very immersed in the game it became evident that my passion for menswear and fashion could be focused on the sport so dear to my heart. After a couple long, tough years of learning the basics of apparel design and manufacturing, we came out with our first few pieces. The process has been fun, exciting, and challenging with a lot more adventure to be had. We would love to hear what you think about SOLO. Feel free to give us a shout! 


 SOLO Golf Co. // Founders Family Photo